Sinister 7 Reverso- it’s MY year

“It’s YOUR year” I heard from so many people the days, hours and even minutes leading up to the morning of July 9th 2022. 6:48am we arrive at the start line only a few minutes before the race begins. Mike, Victoria, Dave and I all drive in and find a place to park. Then we […]

The inception of the Wild Women challenge

At first it started with excuses. That sounds dumb! It’s too cold outside. I’m not comfortable running outdoors in the middle of the night by myself and I don’t have a treadmill to run indoors. Besides I’m not even available that weekend I have other plans. Then a conversation begins. One small conversation between friends. […]

How to run a 100 miles during COVID

Before I can tell you the story of my 1st 100 miles you need to understand the back story. My attempt at soloing 100 miles at Sinister 7 in 2019 didn’t go to plan (you can read about it here ). After months of letting it eat away at me. Fuelled by fire and desire […]

12 hour Black ops recap

My weekend started with an 8am wake up on Saturday. I tried to sleep in later but my mind was full of race thoughts and packing gear for the adventure ahead. We arrived at the OCR boneyard around 3:30pm and started the epic trek from the car ( at least a 1/2km or more of […]

Sinister 7 relay recap 2018

The Setup The Hamels arrived in the Crowsnest Pass Friday afternoon and set up camp at the 2/3 transition. We put up the 5 peaks tent and many friends came over to visit and even a few stayed to camp with us for the weekend. The kids had a blast exploring the all terrain bike […]

Blackspur race report 2018

It’s now been one week since I started this crazy adventure known as the Blackspur Ultra. Now that the legs are almost healed I thought I’d share my race adventure report with you. Leading up to this race I was so anxious. Despite other last minute additions to the race calendar, this was my goal […]