Sinister 7 Reverso- it’s MY year

“It’s YOUR year” I heard from so many people the days, hours and even minutes leading up to the morning of July 9th 2022. 6:48am we arrive at the start line only a few minutes before the race begins. Mike, Victoria, Dave and I all drive in and find a place to park. Then we […]

How to run a 100 miles during COVID

Before I can tell you the story of my 1st 100 miles you need to understand the back story. My attempt at soloing 100 miles at Sinister 7 in 2019 didn’t go to plan (you can read about it here ). After months of letting it eat away at me. Fuelled by fire and desire […]

12 hour Black ops recap

My weekend started with an 8am wake up on Saturday. I tried to sleep in later but my mind was full of race thoughts and packing gear for the adventure ahead. We arrived at the OCR boneyard around 3:30pm and started the epic trek from the car ( at least a 1/2km or more of […]

Sinister 7 relay recap 2018

The Setup The Hamels arrived in the Crowsnest Pass Friday afternoon and set up camp at the 2/3 transition. We put up the 5 peaks tent and many friends came over to visit and even a few stayed to camp with us for the weekend. The kids had a blast exploring the all terrain bike […]

Blackspur race report 2018

It’s now been one week since I started this crazy adventure known as the Blackspur Ultra. Now that the legs are almost healed I thought I’d share my race adventure report with you. Leading up to this race I was so anxious. Despite other last minute additions to the race calendar, this was my goal […]