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Transrockies 6 day run part 3- team titties and tutus emerges

Stage 4 After the fun of the beer mile I decided to wear my Tutu on the 4th day and Roxanne wore her titties shirt & hat. On this day we start the way we finished the previous day by running out on the hot gravel road. We saw pink flamingos at checkpoint 1 with […]

Transrockies Run part 1 or part 2??!

Stage 1 Monday morning we rise early, pack up our things and check out of our AirBNB. Dressed for a day of running we leave ALL OUR LUGGAGE on the curb out front to be picked up by shuttle and waiting for us when we finish. This action alone caused me stress. Born and raised […]

Transrockies preamble (part 1) You want me to do what with my luggage??

Before I can tell you about the actual Transrockies 6 day stage race I feel like the story really begins the week before the race. I signed up for this race a year in advance and couldn’t believe that after six LOOOOOONG years of following the Facebook group that I was finally going to get […]

Sinister 7 Reverso- it’s MY year

“It’s YOUR year” I heard from so many people the days, hours and even minutes leading up to the morning of July 9th 2022. 6:48am we arrive at the start line only a few minutes before the race begins. Mike, Victoria, Dave and I all drive in and find a place to park. Then we […]

Blackspur 108km- on a moments notice

Monday before Blackspur a terrible accident occurred. my friend Matthew sustained an injury that resulted in 7 broken ribs and a partially collapsed lung. I chatted with his girlfriend Tess, (my best friend) as the Diagnosis unfolded at the hospital. we chatted back-and-forth throughout the day and it became pretty evident that Matthew would not […]

Mount Solomon 3peat

We left Edmonton just after 6am on Saturday and arrived at the Black Cat Ranch just after 9:30. Once we had all arrived and had our gear sorted out we headed out from the Mount Solomon trailhead about 10am. It was clear at first arrival there had been a bit of snow fall over the […]

The inception of the Wild Women challenge

At first it started with excuses. That sounds dumb! It’s too cold outside. I’m not comfortable running outdoors in the middle of the night by myself and I don’t have a treadmill to run indoors. Besides I’m not even available that weekend I have other plans. Then a conversation begins. One small conversation between friends. […]

Death race relay report- meeting Mt.Hamel 2017

The alarm goes off at 6 AM Saturday morning. Myself and the rest of the team awaken to start what will be a very long day. We are in Grand Cache, AB for the Canadian Death Race. The Canadian death race is 125 km that summits 3 mountains (Flood, Grande & Mt. Hamel) it is […]

Getting acquainted with Hinton- the night before skyline

Arriving in Hinton in the late afternoon on Friday. We set out to find the trail head for folding mountain which we would be climbing on Sunday. We Spotted the trailhead 600m down the road from the Folding Mountain Brewery. We revelled in all the wild flowers growing on the path from the brewery. After […]