Fort Devmonton 100 miler

July 4th, The day of the run was finally here!! It was a beautiful sunny morning, crew and runners met outside my house at 7am to convoy to our start in Fort Saskatchewan. When we arrived we were met by a few other runners Tobias, Soren & Darren who would pace us on the first […]

How to run a 100 miles during COVID

Before I can tell you the story of my 1st 100 miles you need to understand the back story. My attempt at soloing 100 miles at Sinister 7 in 2019 didn’t go to plan (you can read about it here ). After months of letting it eat away at me. Fuelled by fire and desire […]

How running changed my perspective on life.

Recently I was asked the question what is your worst race experience? And how did it make you better? Well over the last 10 years that I’ve been running and racing I have had a few race experiences that were pretty bad! This question was very hard for me to answer as I couldn’t decide. […]

The history behind the Warm Hands Warm Hearts Run

In 2014 I was training for my very first marathon, 42.2 km of pounding the pavement. I would put on my sneakers and run from my home in the Westmount area and the more I trained the further I would run. I would add distance by running a couple of extra blocks each time and […]

2017 Sun peaks UB DNF report- the last hoo-ra in Sun Peaks

I can tell you for certain that when I arrived in Sun peaks on Friday I was expecting to complete the ultra beast as I had last year. After running several ultramarathons this year and summiting in a few mountains I thought I was ready for the challenge. This was my fourth year in Sun […]

Blackspur Ultra 108 – non smokers edition

The week leading up to Blackspur ultra I was so excited. not only for the race but a road trip with just my husband and staying in a fantastic condo with our friends Tess, Matthew and Tim. This trip was meant to be just as much a vacation as it was to be a race […]

CDR – the aftermath

So I’ve told you the story of how my race went but there was a lot going on behind the scenes. With 1200 racers in Grande Cache it was more chaotic than normal. We were camped at tent city with our trailer this year. Since it was supposed to rain we decided the travel trailer […]

CDR 20th edition

*photo by Alan Lam photography In the weeks leading up to the 20th edition of the Canadian death race All reports of trail conditions were muddy, wet and more puddles than you can handle. The rain just kept coming down for weeks. I was checking the weather forecast religiously in those final days hoping for […]

When things just don’t go your way- Sinister 7 race report

This has been the hardest race report that I have had to write. Maybe that is fitting because it is the hardest race I’ve ever tried to do. This race just felt differently afterwards. It’s not my first DNF. Or even the first time that I have voluntarily pulled myself out of a race. But […]