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How I became a Spartan Warrior

Posted by onthegofitness on August 23, 2012 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (92)

I came, I ran, I am a SPARTAN!!!

August 17th 2012, we loaded the kids into the car and were off to Calgary for the weekend, but this wasn’t to be any ordinary weekend this was the Spartan Race weekend! With so many friends going to be there and many family fun activities planned it was sure to be a weekend not soon forgotten. On the drive down to Calgary many thoughts were running through my mind; What if I can’t do an obstacle? What if I get stuck in the mud? What if my shorts don’t hold up? How fast will my time be? Will my family be able to see any of the course? What will the obstacles be? As these “what if’s” raced through my brain. I felt excitement, nervousness, anticipation and let’s be honest a touch scared after all this was my FIRST TIME and I wasn’t sure quite what to expect.

So what is The Spartan Sprint you ask, it’s an obstacle course race where you are tested on speed, endurance, strength, stamina and strategy. The course was 3.1 miles long with more than 10 obstacles throughout the race some harder than others, but you only get 1 chance at each obstacle and if you fail you must complete 25 Burpees before moving on. This race is held all over North America and now even in Europe. In this year’s Calgary event there were 2225 competitors spread out throughout the day in different heats. A heat is a large group (up to 250 people) that all start together and every 30 minutes they release a new heat of fitness enthusiasts to try and claim the title of Spartan warrior. I was in the 4th heat of the day racing with 79 other individuals including a friend of mine, Tricia and her husband Kyle.

Everyone always asks what are the obstacles? Do you know beforehand? The answer is NO, you can watch videos on the website but every race is different so you never know what to expect, and here is a list of the obstacles that I tackled on that Sunny Saturday morning.

• The leap of Fire- this seems to be a Spartan staple, which I was very excited to do. When you tell people “I jumped over fire” it sounds really cool but because of a strong breeze that morning it was more of a hop than a leap but still fun.

• Around the corner to the over, under and through walls a series of wooden walls you had to maneuver through.

• Next was a trek through a BMX course which featured fallen tree trunks, tractor tires half buried in the ground and a small jaunt through a mud pit it wasn’t so bad but the feeling of running with wet, muddy sneakers took a little getting used to.

• Then the first obstacle where you had the potential for burpees, this was a field of tires that you had to bunny hop (2 feet together) through.

• Once on the other side of the tires we started the many, MANY hill runs. Running single file down and then up very steep hills with tall grass surrounding you. I felt much better than I expected here but was slowed down by others who were already feeling tired and there was no where to safely pass them.

• After about 2 of the many, many, many hill runs you had to cross a series of very narrow balance beams. This is where I felt the first sting of defeat as I tried to cross too quickly and fell off *25 Burpees*

• Once the hill runs were done we ran up to a bridge were you had to pull up and down a rope with tires attached to the other end

• The First of many climbing challenges was the cargo net climb over and down and then up a hill, at this point I was happy that I’d practiced this when playing with kids at the park.

• Hey if running up and down steep hills sounds fun why don’t we add a 40+ lb sandbag to the task and have you run down and then up ANOTHER steep hill before moving on to the next obstacle.

• After ditching the sandbag at the top of the hill we ran over to a horizontal wall climb again the potential for burpees was there but with style and grace I managed to keep my composure and was off running through the culvert and on to “The Bog” as I call it.

• The Bog was a muddy pond that I slide into and waded across about 50ft of mucky, stinky water, this is the first place where I almost lost my shoe.

• After inhaling a small amount of mud flung from a fallen competitor as I crossed another mud pit I found myself in front of the wall climb. I waited patiently for my turn and then it was up and over and I was off running again.

• I felt my second wind kick in and I started passing people on the way to the next obstacle, dragging a cinder block attached to a rope for about 75ft.

• As I raced around the corner I could hear my friends cheering me on I knew I was getting close to the finish but what would the Spartan be without its trademark mud crawl under the barbed wire, yes it was real barbed wire. I crawled through with relative ease hearing my husband cheer me on as my family stood over me watching and cheering as loud as they could. When I heard my son cheering “go Mom go” it filled my heart with joy, pride and well it still brings a tear to my eye.

• After the mud crawl I made it to a series of 2 triangle walls, the first climb a net over and slide down easy. The next climb the slide with a knotted rope to help yourself over. I was almost to the top when the 2 ½ inches of mud stuck to my shoes had a better idea and my feet slid out from under me. *25 Burpees*

• Now there were only 2 obstacles left the Javelin throw, which almost NOBODY was getting. As I crossed the line of muddy people doing burpees it was my turn, I grabbed the Javelin in my hand and threw it with all my might it flew straight and hit the hay bale YES! but didn’t stick in  *25 Burpees*

• Burpees are done and the only thing left to do was make it through the Gladiator gauntlet and cross the finish line. As I approached the Gladiators they gave me a light tap but I gave each one a good shove back in return as if to say “I might be tiny but I’m strong” and crossed the finish line with the euphoric sense of achievement and great pride in what I had just accomplished.

The Spartan Race was only ONE of the “Are you Crazy” events that I’ve done this year, others include FemSport, Skydiving and running the Underwear Affair. My friends and family may think I’m nuts but they are very supportive of my endeavours and most say that I do things they could only dream of, I say you CAN DO ANYTHING if you put your heart and sweat into it. I am Happy to say that I finished the race in under 46 minutes and not only will I do it again next year but I hope to have my husband Mike not only cheer me on but compete along side me.

To all those Spartans out there we ARE every day warriors.

Top 10 Fitness date ideas

Posted by onthegofitness on August 13, 2012 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (1)

I was recently interviewed by Manisha Karishnan of the Edmonton Journal for an article about Fitness date ideas. Since my husband and I are always trying new things on our dates this was a very easy interview. I won't lie I haven't tried everything on this list yet but I do plan to one day soon. If you'd like to see my list of top 10 Fitness date ideas click on the link below.

Please post comments below of other fitness/adventure date ideas or which one was your favorite.

FemSport Media Blitz

Posted by onthegofitness on July 12, 2012 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (0)

After competing in  the Calgary FemSport event in June 2012 it has been a media blitz with the focus on my team and this amazing sport for Women. In the video section of this site you will find the story done on Global News and another story written by Edmonton Journal Columnist (which I will post next week). I also had the fortunate luck of being asked to write about FemSport as a guest blogger for the Edmonton Sun this week and I post this link as well.

Although the media attention is fun I'm still very excited for the day of competition which as it stands is only 9 days from today. My team is getting ready and I am off to train one of my hard working teammates tonight.

 As Humans we always want to be better, faster, stronger, younger, etc. We have to remember that we ARE amazing just as we are and as long as we continue to work on being our best we are always ENOUGH.

On the Go CEO gets the attention of Local Media

Posted by onthegofitness on April 25, 2011 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (1)

After a chance meeting with local fitness blogger Cary Castagna, Jen was asked to share her story of weight loss, determination and love for fitness. Cary was anxious to write about Jen's inspiring  transformation. Jen's story appeared in almost 30 sun media online  Newspapers as well as in print in our Local Edmonton Sun and the Sherwood Park paper. We have attached a copy of the print ad as well as a link to the full story on

We are very proud of our CEO, Jen for her continued efforts to make fitness an everyone, everyday lifestyle

Local Fitness professional becomes Edmontonian's fitness Guru

Posted by onthegofitness on April 25, 2011 at 10:56 AM Comments comments (3)

Jen Hamel is always "On the Go" and usually wearing many different hats Personal trainer, Nutritionist, group exercise instructor, friend, wife, mother, CEO of On the go Fitness, runner, student, teacher, volenteer, charity fundraiser, chef and most recently Fitness writer. Jen has recently been asked to write a fitness blog for the Edmontonian, a local online newspaper. This blog will be your link to all her published articles. We will be updating our blog with all Jen's fitness articles, so that our members can benefit from her fitness and lifestyle articles.



Winter Workouts

Winter exercise Safety

Jen Hamel gets recognition from across the pond

Posted by onthegofitness on April 25, 2011 at 10:51 AM Comments comments (2)

Our CEO, Jen Hamel has been chosen as the next Femme FizzyCal. As London, England's own fizzyCal Fitness has honoured Jen with a wonderful Featured article about her amazing weightloss after having her 2 amazing children and her rise to the top of Edmonton's Personal training professionals. To read her Femme fizzyCal profile click the link below

Putting your Portions into Perspective

Posted by onthegofitness on September 28, 2010 at 10:04 PM Comments comments (0)

Putting portions into perspective

Today’s society is eating more and more calories each day. Our serving sizes have become Biggie and Ultra sized, giving us a case of portion distortion. We are slowly starting to accept these new Jumbo sized portions as acceptable. As our serving sizes grow so does our National’s obesity rates. We see these larger portions as the norm and then we take that home from the restaurant and our portions at home start to grow as well. I am going to share with you a few tips to keep your portions in perspective and help you keep a good grasp on portions and your pant size.

1. Think smaller

Try using a child’s sized or salad plate to place your dinner upon. The plate is smaller and when placing appropriate portions onto it will still appear to be a full plate. Your mind is satisfied that you have enough food and you are less likely to overfill your plate; therefore becoming overfull and eating too many unwanted calories. This also works well with snacks use a dessert bowl or cup instead of a cereal bowl when indulging in Ice Cream or snacking on nuts or sweet treats.

2. Portion out large recipes

When making large meals like soups, stews or chili, read the recipe and find how many portions is should make; then portion them into Tupperware containers and freeze what you are not going to eat right away. You have not only controlled your portions but made it easy to quickly have a delicious home cooked meal in half the time; just unthaw heat and serve.

3. Divide to conquer

You sit down at a restaurant order your favorite meal and it arrives looking delicious and enormous, before you start to stuff your face with this aromatic delight do your own portion control. Use your fork to draw a line through your meal eating only half of this huge plate of food and ask the server to wrap the other half in a doggy bag to take home, now you’ve avoided the glutinous overfull feeling we all get when eating out and you have leftovers for tomorrow.

4. Train your brain for success

By simply sitting down and measuring out actual portion sizes of foods you regularly consume like cereal, pasta, rice and snacks into your bowls and plates you will get a visual of how full the dish should look with a healthy portion inside. Continue to use the same bowls or plates, now you know how full it should look with an appropriate serving inside, this will lead to less mindless overeating and healthier portion sizes for your day to day eating.




1 teaspoon = About the size of your fingertip (tip to middle joint); fits into the screwcap of a water bottle

1 tablespoon = About the size of your thumb tip (tip to middle joint)

1⁄2 cup = A fruit or vegetable that fits into the palm of your hand—about the size of a tennis ball

1⁄4 cup = A golf ball

1 ounce nuts = Fits into the cupped palm of a child’s hand

1 cup cereal = About the size of a woman’s fist or a baseball

1 medium bagel = A hockey puck

1 ounce cheese = About the size of 2 dominoes or 4 dice

3 ounces meat = About the size of a deck of cards or a cassette audiotape

1 medium potato = About the size of a computer mouse


Use this list to help you visualize the correct portion sizes of the foods you eat most often. Make an effort to measure out portions you serve yourself and soon you’ll be able to “eyeball” them without using a scale or measuring cups.


Sources of medical information Dr. Jean Harvey-Berino, Ph.D., R.D.Joyce Hendley

Sizzling Summer recipes to help shrink your waistline

Posted by onthegofitness on July 12, 2010 at 5:17 PM Comments comments (0)

Here are a few recipes from my personal kitchen. Yes there are a few things here that could be made organic, skim or from scratch but I am a busy mom with a busy family and I do what works for us. I try and make the healthy choice when possible and I don't stress out when I can't.

Macaroni Tuna salad

2 cups whole wheat macaroni

1 can drained chunk tuna in water

¼ cup chopped Red Bell Pepper

¼ cup raisins

1 tsp honey mustard

2 tbsp fat free Miracle Whip

Serves 3-5

Low fat Chocolate Milkshake (great for after workout recovery drink)

1 cup 1% milk

1 Tbsp low sugar chocolate syrup

1 cup of Ice

Blend until thoroughly mixed

Serves 2-3


BBQ Chicken Breasts

1 chicken breast

Combine ½ tsp of each Oregano, Parsley & Rosemary and rub all over chicken

Grill chicken breasts 8-10 each side

Serve with 1 cup of steamed broccoli and a ½ cup of brown and wild rice

1 serving

Mike’s Mouth Watering Burgers

1 lb extra lean ground beef or turkey

¼ cup chopped bell peppers

½ stalk of celery

¼ cup chopped red onion

½ tsp black pepper

½ tsp parsley, basil, oregano

1 egg white

1 whole egg

2 slices firmed whole wheat bread

makes 5-6 patties

Chicken summer salad

1 bag of premixed salad (4 cups)

½ bag of fresh spinach leaves (3 cups)

2 shredded carrots

¼ cup red onion slices

½ cup diced red bell pepper

¼ cup sugar snap peas

½ cup sliced cucumbers

¼ cup chopped celery

2 chicken breasts (or 8 tbsp of hemp hearts)

Serves 4 people

Watermelon Tart

 3-5 inch ring of watermelon sliced into peces like a pie,

1/4 cup fat free cool whip

1/2 cup fat free yogurt

4 strawberries

1/2 cup blueberries

6-10 raspberries 

1/4 cup toasted almond slivers

 I made this instead of the usual fruit tray for my daughter's birthday. Giving party goers a healthier, slimming option to the cake.

Try one recipe or try them all I guarantee they are all "Jen" Approved!

May 2010 Newsletter How to safely enjoy your outdoor adventures

Posted by onthegofitness on May 24, 2010 at 3:01 PM Comments comments (2)

In the last couple months I have talked about getting outside and getting more active. I would like all of us to have enjoyable, injury free adventures outside this year and here are few TIPS to ensure a safe, more enjoyable time outdoors.

1. Cell Phone or pocket change

I don't mean talk on your cell phone or texting away as you walk but if you are out running and you pull a hamstring or find yourself in a tough spot you'll be happy you brought this one.

2.Water or Carbohydrate Gel

Hydration and fueling your body are crucial, especially in hotter temperatures. Staying well hydrated before, during and after exercise is critical to your performance as well as how fast you recover. I recommend 250-500ml of water 30 minutes before exercise and every 20 minutes during exercise. Please make sure to rehydrate after you finish exercising to help your body flush out toxins and begin to repair your muscle tissue. Carbohydrate gel is consumed by athletes who particiapte in and train for endurance sports such as Marathon running and long distance cycling. Your body's main source of fuel is carbohydrates, but only so much can be stored in the muscles for energy. In long duration events like Marathons, runners will often start to lose energy and stamina after a long distance. If Carbohydrate gel is ingested during a race the runners or cyclists are able to refuel without stopping or even slowing down. Giving them the added energy needed to finish the race successfully.

3.Reflective clothing or Tape

If you like to run or walk in the early morning or after dinner you should wear at least one piece of visible clothing with a reflective stripe( so your cute new sports bra that nobody will see, doesn't count). I think most running shoes now have some reflective material on them. You can check running and athletic stores for tops and bottoms with reflective graphics and you can even buy reflective tape to stick on anything you'd like people to see (bike, stroller, etc.)

4. Music/ IPod

Listening to music while exercising has a positive impact on the enjoyment and adherence of your workout. Nike and IPod have teamed up to create a great little gadget for those who like to run and walk outdoors. I purchased this small and inexpensive Nike + sensor at my local running store.  It syncs with my Nike Ipod touch I can listen to my favorite playlist while the Nike application tracks my run pace, distance and even calories burned. This is a great tool for anyone who wishes to know how far and fast they run or walk or to keep count of calories burned for weight loss.

Remember to check out the local weather forecast before embarking on your outdoor adventure and Dress in layers, the temperature may warm up or cool down by several degrees while you are out enjoying life, so be prepared.


Don't forget when walking or running alone to tell someone where you are going and how long you plan to be away from home for and always remember to have a little fun in the sun.

10 minute "Get up and Move" Challenge

Posted by onthegofitness on May 2, 2010 at 9:48 AM Comments comments (1)

Start the "Get up and Move" Challenge TODAY! 


No matter your current activity level, add an EXTRA 10 minutes of Physical activity to your day.

It can be a walk, stretching, dancing in your underwear. For the next 90 days I will be adding 10 minutes to my day and blogging about what I did each week. I want you to join in the fun and post your comments what you've done each week to fit in your EXTRA 10 minutes/day.

Be Creative, Have FUN and GET MOVING!

March Newsletter Get Outside

Posted by onthegofitness on March 29, 2010 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (2)

March edition

Spring is officially here! Although the view out my kitchen window this morning would tell a different story.

In Alberta from October to March we are in what is called a “No vitamin D season” our days are so short, usually cloudy and void of much needed (Vitamin D rich) sunshine. Vitamin D in essential for bone growth, balancing mineral levels in our bodies and is needed to properly absorb calcium, which helps strengthen our bones. So now that spring is here try going outside whenever possible to exercise and enjoy the sunshine. We have only a few months a year with warm weather so let’s use every day to our full advantage. A few of MY favourite outdoor activities are

Walking my dog, taking adventure walks with my kids, playing soccer or tag in the backyard, riding my bicycle, rollerblading and hiking to name a few.

This is where I segway into telling you about my newest passion

RUNNING! It is a great form of cardiovascular exercise and for someone like me who is super competitive; I am always trying to beat my best distance or my best time. Now you might say “running is just not for me” well there was a time that I also felt this way but I started training with a “learn to run” program and now I’m training for my first HALF MARATHON this August. Not to toot my own horn but this will be the first time in many years that I will participate in several local running events in 1 year, the first I will be jogging on Mother's Day with my mom and my aunt and another with a friend of mine. So I’m training hard.

Besides trying a new activity to bring variety to your regular exercise regime you can also change the location of your favourite activity to bring about a whole new atmosphere and freshness to the activity. Try doing yoga in a park inside of in the gym, ride an actual bike instead of a stationary one, walk or run outdoors inside of on a treadmill, take in the air and the atmosphere, you might find a new love for exercise. Keeping your exercise fresh and new will help you adhere to your new workout regime and you will stay active longer if you enjoy the activity.




February 2010 Newsletter Love your heart

Posted by onthegofitness on March 29, 2010 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Happy Valentine’s Day

I know you were probably expecting an article on how to have a romantic day without breaking your wallet or your belt or maybe how to avoid eating an entire heart shaped box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Instead this month I want to talk about the heart muscle. Our hearts pump out over 300 litres of blood every hour, which circulates through our bodies bringing oxygen and nutrients to our muscles and other organs.

Last month I met this beautiful little girl. She has the sweetest smile, a curious mind and a very strong will. Like most little girls she is hoping to receive a heart this Valentine’s Day, but unlike the rest of the girls her age, she is not looking for a paper valentine’s heart from her friends, but a strong, beating heart from a matching donor. This little girl has not even seen her 2nd birthday yet, is waiting for a heart transplant. I keep thinking about all those people out there who drive to the store down the block, or drive a little scooter in the mall and you can walk just fine, get off your butt and do something. I’m sorry to rant and rave, but here is this little girl just wanting a chance to live when some are just not, LIVING.

This Valentine’s Day show your heart a little love too. Get out and get in at least 30 minutes of physical activity, go for a walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk across the office to deliver the message instead of email take the kids tobogganing, skating, play Wii, go shopping and the more walking the better and pick up the pace a little, get your heart rate up. By doing so you are helping to strengthen your strongest muscle, the heart. With regular exercise you can reduce your risk of cardiac disease, reduce your risk of premature death, reduce your risk of adult onset Diabetes, lower your bad cholesterol, normalize blood pressure, and live a healthier life!

It's estimated that approximately one in a hundred babies are born with a heart defect. At one time, babies with serious congenital heart defects died. Today, about 95 per cent of these young patients survive to adulthood. The Stollery averages between four and six pediatric heart transplants a year and more than 400 pediatric open heart surgeries.

Heart disease kills 244,000 women each year that’s more than cancer, accidents, and diabetes combined.





Featured recipe

Fresh Grilled Chicken salad

Take a large bowl full of fresh mixed lettuce salad, I recommend Fresh express spring mix ( the darker the lettuce the more nutrient rich)

Chop celery, red peppers, radishes, pea pods, red onion and any other veggies that you like (raw veggies are higher in nutrients than cooked)

Grill 1 small chicken breast slice and add to top of salad add your favourite low fat dressing and enjoy a protein and nutrient rich dinner that will leave your heart and your tummy smiling.





Sources: American heart association, Canadian Health services


January 2010 Newsletter winter blahs

Posted by onthegofitness on March 29, 2010 at 12:36 PM Comments comments (1)

Get rid of those Winter Blahs

So here we are starting a new year, and winter is in full swing. When winter comes we shy way from the cold, we hide away in our dark, dingy basements running away on our treadmills or pedalling on our bikes dreaming of warmer weather. When we may once again enjoy the outdoors. We don’t have to hide indoors! Embrace the snow and cold weather. In the winter months it is dark much longer here than it is light out, the reduced exposure to sunlight (decreased vitamin D intake) can cause negative side effects such as trouble getting out of bed, boredom, lack of motivation and extra eating, which can lead to making bad choices. We need to stop using the snow and cold conditions as an excuse or barrier, we need to break through and create fun, exciting outdoor workouts for those days when the sun is shining (boost of vitamin D) and the weather is milder. Make your daily exercise fun by using variety in your day to day life. As Canadians we have created plenty of outdoor activities to get your heart rate up, your blood pumping and your family and friends involved. Instead of jogging on your treadmill grab a friend and try a snowshoe trek through the river valley. If you like the elliptical why not try some cross country skiing or dust off those old skates and take the whole family ice skating. As a child learning to skate at Hawrelak Park I felt a sense of independence and strength as I skated around on the big frozen pond. It truly was MY favourite place to skate as a child. I know your saying I’ve never done this before or I don’t own any of these things. You can rent them, snowshoes, cross-country skies and even Ice skates for under $20/pair from Totem Outfitters

There are so many wonderful locations to cross-country ski

Or snowshoe in Edmonton, AB and its surrounding areas check out the river valley(central), GoldBar park(capilano), Millcreek ravine(Whyte ave) and countless bike paths throughout the city.

If you are a member of your community league you have access to our beautiful community league rinks throughout the city.


If you are like me and have children (or just a busy life) and you find it hard to “fit “ exercise into your regular schedule then try one of these new fun ways to exercise as a family or with friends. Get active, get out, do it together. That’s my two cents!

Featured exercise


Not what you were expecting? I know it's not your typical exercise but it can be a great workout and it doesn't always have to be squats and lunges to be a great workout. I live only 5 blocks from a hill so we walk and pull the little kids on the sleds then we all take turns going down with the kids and then running/walking back up the hill. It's a great way to get your heart rate up and really work your legs. Just remember to stretch after you get back to cut down on soreness.

Featured recipe


3 chicken breasts

6 med carrots

1/2 cup frozen peas & carrots

1.5 cup mixed frozen beans

1 can reduced fat Cream of mushroom soup

1 can reduced fat cream of Chicken soup

4 small potatoes

1.5 cup 1% milk



spray frying pan with Pam brown chicken in pan


cut chicken into small pieces

cut carrots and potatoes into small pieces

add soup milk, veggies and chicken together mix together put in oven covered @ 375f for 45 min or until potatoes are no longer crunchy

Number of Servings: 6

Amount Per Serving

Calories: 335.0

Total Fat: 4.1 g

Cholesterol: 77.3 mg

Sodium: 625.0 mg

Total Carbs: 39.4 g

Dietary Fiber: 5.5 g

Protein: 34.6 g



December newsletter

Posted by onthegofitness on March 29, 2010 at 12:29 PM Comments comments (2)

Happy Holidays Edition

Are your Holidays Favorites Naughty or Nice?

1. Egg Nog

450 calories per glass, try a low cal Hot Chocolate instead, save a whopping 18g of fat!

2. Festive Cheese

1 cup of Brie 900 cals & 66g of fat, try a lower calorie cheese like mozzarella or swiss.

3. Spinach dip

made with lots of mayo and sourcream each bite can contain as much as 1g of fat, don't forget to add the calories from the crackers or bread you are dipping. Try dipping into tangy Salsa instead.

4. Stuffed Puff Pastry

Most store bought puffs are high in calories and unhealthy Transfat. Try a refreshing shrimp cocktail instead, 1 cup of shrimp has only 220 cal, 2 g of fat and 46g of protien.

5. Fruit Cake

is my least favorite holiday treat. The only fruit it contains is candied and very high in sugar, it is so calorie laden that only 1 ounce will run you about 100 calories. Instead try a heavenly slice of low fat Angel Food cake topped with Fresh Fruit and low calorie whipped topping.

6. Pecan Pie

Each piece will run you well over 500 calories and 20g of fat, not only will you save 20g of sugar by passing on the pie and taking a trip to the chocolate fondue to dip your fresh fruit but you will cut out over 10g of fat and at least 200 calories.

7.Prime Rib

though it is a delicous cut of meat at over 700 calories and 45g of fat, istead opt for a juicy Beef Tenderloin will shave off over 500 calories and 28g of fat.

8. Christmas Fudge

Is my favorite holiday treat but one of the worst belly busters at over 300 calories and 16g of fat per piece. Instead try Pillsbury sugar cookies recipe says 20, I make 30 so each cookie is only 66 calories.

9. Canned Cranberry Sauce

These are filled with loads of sugar over 100g per cup, try making your own sauce using Splenda tead of sugar to cut back the unnecessary calories. Or use mott's fruitsations unsweetened apple sauce at your Christmas table.

Featured Exercise











Bird Dog

This exercise is great for all fitness levels and all ages, the bird dog helps you strengthen your back and your core muscles at the same time, which helps to improve your posture and reduce low back pain.


Featured Recipe

Christmas Breakfast Casserole

1 pound frozen shredded potatoes

4 oz turkey sausage cooked and drained

1 cup sliced mushrooms

1/2 cup shredded cheese

1 whole egg

2 egg whites

1/8 cup chopped red pepper

2 tbsp finely chopped onion

salt and pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 350F spray bottom of pan with cooking spray

place potatoes in bottom of pan place in oven for 10 minutes. mix eggs salt & pepper

take out pan from oven sprinkle in sausage, pepper and onion

pour egg mixture over everything

place in oven for 30-35 minutes until potatoes are crisp and egg mixture is set.

Remove from let cool for 5 minutes

Enjoy! Serves 6

per servings 155 cal 6.6g of fat 12g of carbs 11.6g of protien

Have you heard about the TRX 40/40 Challenge?

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So if you haven't heard about the TRX 40/40 Challenge,  I'll enlighten you.

 The TRX is a suspension training system that looks like two canvas straps, that you can attach to a door way, ceiling or pretty much any pole or tree anchored to the ground outside.

The challenge is to video yourself performing 2 exercises ( the Atomic pushup /Low row) and see how many of each exercise you can do without rest, trying of course for the ultimate goal of 40/40. 


Note 1 min of rest inbetween exercises

They say If you can do 20/20 you are top 25%, do all 40/40 and you are top 5%.

I gave this challenge an honest effort to see where I was at. I tell you honestly I could not complete all 40 of either, and being as honest as I am I'll share with you my numbers from my first attempt 25/10, now my chest probably won't have hit the reaction ball on every one but I am proud of my first attempt.


 If you are like me and currently can not make 40/40 try anyway record your efforts and keep trying until you improve your numbers.


In order to build up my stamina I created this circuit on the TRX including these exercises to help me improve my strength and endurance. I will not post a video until I complete at least 20/20

I completed 4 rounds of this circuit giving myself 20-60 rest in between each exercise.


Jumping curtsy lunges alternating sides 15 reps each side

Atomic pushups 20 or failure

Low Row 6- 8 reps

Low squat jumps 15 reps

Low Row 6-8 reps

Pendulum swings 15 reps



Remember to drink plenty of water through out the workout.

This circuit will help  increase strength, endurance and power


Don't forget to warmup for 5-7 minutes first and always cool down and stretch afterwards