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 I injured my arm and under doctor’s orders I was unable to continue my regular exercise program. I became discouraged at my inactivity and thought I would never be able to start exercising again. Listening to the encouragement from Jen I finally decided to ask for her help; she worked with me to create a plan that was not only safe for me to follow but helped me to regain strength in my injured arm and gain lean muscle mass all over my body. As part of my cardiovascular training I have been following a learn-to-run program, that gradually introduced me to the world of running, which I quite enjoy. At 55 years old, I’m proud to call myself a runner. In conjunction with the specialized fitness program, Jen also taught me the benefits of eating healthy and with all these lifestyle tools she’s given me I’ve been able to see drastic changes not only in the way I look but the way I feel. I haven't worn jeans this small in 20 years!

                                             -Kathy Anderson (30lbs &18in lost)

 "A few months after the birth of my 2nd child, I went to Jen because I needed to get back into a routine and I needed to remove all the excuses and barriers - namely that I was busy with 2 kids. She showed up, early, was great with both of my kids, patient with me, inspired and distracted me. It got me back into the routine I needed and also showed me that if and when I make it part of my day, there is no reason to NOT workout WITH your kids. I learned new things I can do with them, on my own when they are napping and she was a great listener. In a few short weeks I have noticed my pants fitting better and some definition in my arms. I have learned that using my own body weight and simple exercises like pushups can have a huge effect. The key is consistency and now that she's shown me that I can do this with my kids, there are no excuses. I used to say ' I am so weak' when I could not do the exercise I was shown but she corrected me...'you're getting stronger'.Jen is's not what I have not done in the past that counts but what I am doing about it today." 


If you are considering taking steps to improve your overall health and well-being, then I would highly recommend Jen Hamel as your fitness advisor.  I really appreciated the time and effort Jen went into developing and tailoring a fitness plan based upon my goals, my personal tastes, and the equipment I had available.  She was very patient answering the questions I had and always brought new exercises to each session to prevent boredom.  It was also incredibly convenient that she could travel to my home for sessions, always arriving on time or early and ready to work out.  With her capable and knowledgeable assistance and cheerful motivation, I was able to lose 26 lbs of fat and 16 1/2 inches overall off my body in 3 months.  Thank you, Jen! 

- Syed

Jen Hamel is a definite asset to our group. We are attempting to set a new Guinness World Record for the longest softball game this September. In order to be most successful... and less sore.. for this event, we decided personal training would be a huge benefit. Jen always gives us great workouts with minimal equipment. She develops our training plan based on our needs and current fitness levels. She keeps the sessions cheerful. I really enjoy the circuit workouts. I have absolutely no doubt Jen will whip us into shape for the World's Longest Slo Pitch Game and best of all we are having fun doing so! 
I can already notice positive changes since working out with Jen. I would highly recommend Jen Hamel for all your fitness needs. You will be happy you called her!!

Sharon Weigel









For years I would start a fitness program, do it for a couple weeks then eventually quit. I wanted instant results without having to work too hard. After having my second child I decided I was done with being unhappy with my body. I contacted Jen and I'm so happy I did. She gave me the motivation, encouragement and knowledge i needed to finally get fit. She gave me the confidence to believe in myself.

- Genevieve (lost all her baby weight & 19 inches)


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I started working out with Jen shortly after the birth of my third baby. I was keen to shed the pregnancy weight fast and Jen designed a programme to help make that happen. She was firm, but encouraging, and always motivated me to go one step further. She also understood the challenges of trying to keep to a fitness schedule with a newborn and devised creative (but safe!) ways to include the baby in my exercises or keep her happy while I kept at it. My favourite “Jen moment” of all, though, was when we ran my first 10 km race together, and she ran back through the finish line to support, encourage and yell at me to go like crazy through the last few metres! Whenever I need motivation to keep going, I just remember that moment and smile. And, in the end, I did lose the baby weight, through my own hard work, but with Jen’s expertise, motivation and support every step of the way.

- Rema


I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life despite working out religiously several days a week for over a year and watching what I ate. I hadn't seen any real results, so I decided I needed someone to help me reach my goals. My big motivator is wanting to have kids soon and I want to be at a healthy place before, during and after having kids. Jen has shown me some small but extremely effective tweaks to my every day diet and created a great workout plan for me. I have only been working with Jen for a few weeks but I'm already seeing results, I have lost 9lbs and over 7 inches in just 5 weeks. I am feeling confident and motivated that I will now reach my weight loss goals.