Jen Hamel, Edmonton Fitness Trainer


Meet your Trainer

 Jen Hamel, owner of On the Go Fitness in Edmonton, AB is a Certified Personal trainerNutritionist, Pre and Postnatal Specialist,OFFICIAL FEMSPORT Trainer, TurboKick Instructor and Dedicated mother of 2.  

After having her beautiful children Jen realized that she had become inactive and overweight. She decided that she needed to do something about it; she wanted the energy to play with her kids and not to be winded after running across the park. Jen was able to lose and keep off over 75 lbs, and by implementing the same type of techniques that she used to transform her own body she will ensure that YOU get the very best results.

Not only Jen is always striving to better herself and her clients, her genuine interest in health and wellness drives her to continuously expand her knowledge of the topic and her repertoire of different exercises, stretches, and fitness tips and tricks. Jen is always reading new articles, textbooks, attending national conferences and taking various courses and certifications.
Jen also enjoys taking an active part in her community by raising money for various local charities; SkyDiving for Schizophrenia and running in her underwear for Cancer research are just 2 of the fundraising events Jen participates in each year.
 (Canadian Diabetes Association, Stollery Children's Hospital, Schizophrenia Society, Alzheimer's society, Canadian Cancer Society), volenteering with local nonprofit organizations (YMCA girls summer camp, Health Canada Moms & Babies program). Jen has appeared on BT Edmonton,AVI, CTV, Global Edmonton Morning news and Evening news several times for her efforts in the fitness industry.Keep your eyes open because Jen’s fame is growing again with a spot in the New TurboJam infomercial where she will share her story about weight loss and her life changing experiences as a Personal Trainer.