Spartan Races Spartan Races My first medal Spartan Sprint Medal, my first one 186251395 Across the finish line I'm only a little muddy 186251396 Inspiration 186251397 Race bib 186251398 Leap of fire Edmonton Sprint 2013 My favorite fire jump 186251399 SandBag Hill My husband Mike carrying his sandbag up the hill 186251400 Vertical Wall This is one of my favorite obstacles 186251401 My husband Mike and I mid point through Mike's first Sprint in Calgary 2013 186251402 I got my first Super!! elated after completing my first Super Spartan (14km) 186251403 Javelin Throw concentrating hard on the follow through 186251404 Spartan Gladiator spartan Gladiator and fellow Super finisher Charlie 186251405 Gladiator Gauntlet to Finish off every Spartan race is the gladiator gauntlet 186251406 Mastering the slippery rope wall feeling alive and letting out a loud AROO! after mastering the slippery wall 186251407